My husband and I got a fixer-upper in a small neighborhood. The house was pretty much unlivable, but he managed to DIY what he could and hire what he couldn't until we moved in. It's been incredible living the last couple of years without paying rent or mortgage. We've had to do some additional major house projects (new AC, insulation, etc.) since moving in, but it's a lot easier financing a project with Lowe's and paying it off in two years than being saddled with a thirty-year mortgage. I would definitely recommend it to millennials. Even if you can't buy a $100,000 house outright, the loan is much more manageable, as are the expenses of home projects you can finance.

Trash Talk — The Need for a Circular Economy

As a child of the ’90s, I have fond memories of trips to San Antonio’s North Star Mall with my mom. I used to love the excited hustle of moving crowds, the rustling of plastic bags, the feeling of getting something…

Carly Tucker

I’m an aging millennial with a love of writing, tech, and environmental issues news.

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